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The Faurecia-equipped C4 Picasso is one of the new European leaders

22/11/2014 CTT News Lanched

The Faurecia-equipped C4 Picasso is one of the new European leaders in the minivan segment.Faurecia detailed its strategy to double its sales in China over the next four years and to maintain its high profitability. The Group is planning to grow twice as fast as the market to reach total sales over €4 billion by 2018, up from an estimated €2.3 billion targeted for this year.

This will be achieved through a strategy of continued growth with international automakers and strengthening relationships with Chinese automakers, including through partnership agreements such as that which the Group already has since April 2013 with Chang’an Automobile Group, one of China’s largest automobile groups.100,000 C4 Picassos have already been sold this year! The Citroën minivan has enjoyed substantial commercial success, racking up 160,000 sales since its launch last year.Faurecia supplies Citroën with a wide range of equipment for the minivan and is proud to play a part in its success.

The brand with the chevron badge has once more demonstrated its confidence in Faurecia’s expertise, selecting the Group to produce a number of different parts:Assembly of front seat structures, seat reclining mechanisms, height adjuster & seat tracks – all 3 contribute to the enhanced modularity of the vehicle interior –armrests, seat foam and covers, as well as the Seat Belt Reminder safety system.The instrument panel, center console and certain acoustic parts. The instrument panel is manufactured using Faurecia's in-mold pigmentation technology, which is used to create a two-tone slush skin with a very stylish two-color line separating the two colors. Faurecia can also embellish one of the two colors using a sparkle effect achieved by adding metallic particles.

The hot and cold ends of the exhaust system and a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) converter built into the exhaust system, which is effective in treating NOx (-90%) and reducing CO2 emissions through induced engine performance improvement.PSA Peugeot-Citroën recognized several of Faurecia's solutions for the C4 Picasso at its Supplier Innovation Awards, including the lightweight seat frame and integrated calf support (Lounge Pack version), the Slush in Mold Pigmentation technology used to produce the instrument panel, and the SCR converter.