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Sunriselumin 10th China enterprise training conference speech

Respect congress president, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon:

I'm very glad to meet friends one year again in nanjing, first of all to wish you a thriving business with all the best.

Sunriselumin today still report to you about JIM management over the past few years to share the development of ideas. Sunriselumin put forward the enterprise points 3 stages probably in 2008 their entrepreneurial such as first setup,second setup and 3rd times in different stages of proverbs apply the five DUs of JIM management thinking, (attitude, system, scheduling, speed, grace), there are 3I management (ISO standardization management, IE basic management, Innovation management ),but it is side key differs. Details in previous occasions and web site has been published, no longer talk here again.

Today we thought from another way to classification, (note that this is a pioneering lanch) now everybody to do business through market compared to the cake ate, so I learn with this cake for enterprise, I divides into the enterprise" cake maker", "cake taking", "cake (eat) left" the three categories, this is a question of business ideas, the purpose of business set up,"cake maker"representivly Alibaba, Suntech, Wahaha, Shuanghui, Haier, cake robbor (points) most of all industries, better known as Erie, Mengniu, Shenzhou, Huawei, Hisense, Lenovo and so on is endless; "Left cake of", usually refers to some OEM/ODM manufacturer, Taiwan's enterprises are famous, such as Foxconn, Quanta, Compal, Delta and so on, they tend to aim at who make the best cake at the world, the biggest, for they don't, also can do, to make the world top 500; So you don't have a look at my classification, consciously unconsciously to separate levels, such as the fact that the enterprise success or at least very splendid success, I want to say is, although most of these companies did not understand, but I'm sure is that it doesn't matter if you're making a cake, take cake or cake left, success or failure lies in "management"!

Privately, I mentioned "cake maker", they may not be the first to eat crab, but usually have their own patented products and open a new market of successful experience, is laudable, but "cake" and usually forced into "points and grabbing cake"; So to do business, no matter when, you is what kind of ways to eat cake is not the most important, the most important thing is that you determine the direction of how to succeed in doing, what, is to rely on management. Always look at your direction, adjust the arrangement of your little detail. Shang LuMing not miss such a good chance to promote JIM management, here I'd like to make a share on 3 I management of the basic management, IE is a kind of management mode of americans coming, some professional is complex, shang LuMing simplify the management on the basis of it, back to basic, from some of the most basic requirements for enterprise's original goal management thinking direction, basic management is not backward, but using similar to IE industrial engineering technique of some current into tools, in the same industry can be drawn lessons from different industries are now into the experience of practice, to nature, to get the best of the enterprise all kinds of management, effective, efficient and optimal method and path. The fountain of industrial engineering (IE it is for this. JIM management, enterprise to do his own master. We have studied philosophy, philosophy to tell people that the world is material, the materials are in motion, the motion is regular, it is only have yet to be known in the world, there is no can't be recognized; Everything is no mystery! Basic management is to entrepreneurs learn to guide enterprises to find out the regularity of real things the usual business activities, will not delayed, is always to pay tuition and always does not finish course. The United States is an immigrant country, large population mobility, open degree is higher, subject to the authority and the traditional concept of little, have a strong sense of innovation and competition consciousness; Some, in contrast, the history of China but never Chinese businessmen are attaches great importance to the efficiency, cherish the time and the pursuit of the interests of the reality, for a specific business, Chinese businessmen is cautious and attaches great importance to the promotion and the overall image; This is in keeping with the economics of modern companies in the United States. Therefore, the best management is the most concise, put all things in the most basic the most compelling language expressed quickly, try to shorten the dispute, a quick victory.

2014-4-25 Nanjin China