Technical texile china industry fabric china nonwoven china composite china interlining china geotextile china 中国技术织物网,技术织物包括非织造布和产业用纺织品,国际上统称"Technical Textile",技术织物以新型材料的角色在各行各业有着广泛应用。比如大家已知的产业用布,玻璃钢,一次性医卫产品,碳纤维车,灯箱布,土工布,水刺非织造,针刺无纺,纺粘熔喷,衬布等.

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Nanjing Donghua fiber technology development
March 12,2014 CTT reported

Talked with  Wang Zhonghai,GM of Guangxi new material,and deputy general manager Gao Jianjun, China National Chemical Corp 2014 annual work conference and the Professional Company and owned enterprises work conference held at the Beijing Convention center Jan 10-12,2014. Ren Jianxin general manager on behalf of group company made the annual working report to congress. The chairman of the board of supervisors Gao Fengtao, board of supervisors of state-owned enterprise 01 do Kong Jianguo director, board of supervisors of state-owned enterprise leadership, the SASAC patrol group deputy inspector Yu Xuefan deputy director of more than China National Chemical Corp headquarters responsible person, the Professional Company departments and is responsible for more than one, three levels of the principal responsible person of the enterprise, a session of four Congress delegates, some foreign executives and managers for total occupation 506 people attended the meeting.

Jan 12,2014 CTT reported

Nanjing Donghua fiber technology development limited company introduced a series of new products in spring and summer sports fabric -- Porel breathable quick drying fabric, the biggest feature of the fabric is breathable, breathable, moisture, dry, free from the traditional fabric quick drying moisture absorption only emphasizes speed do not pay attention to the permeability to bring the stuffiness malpractice.

Porel air drying the fabric used in Nanjing Donghua Fiber Technology Development Co Ltd patented technology of Porel fiber and cotton, viscose cellulose fibers were blended in different proportions, the spinning mode specific, with different organization structure can be obtained functional fabric heat real-time dynamic regulation of human body micro environment balance. The human body in the dynamic condition, capillary effect of fiber of hydrophilic group and fiber assembly of liquid water conduction, keep skin dry; in the static condition, flexible groups introduced in the fibers to the fabric to smooth skin texture; heat balance fabric inside and outside the active cavity structure. Whether the sports or leisure, spring and summer dress can give the wearer comfort brought hitherto unknown.

In functional testing, but also put forward new indexes of Nanjing Donghua Fiber Technology Development Co. ltd.. Porel air drying fabric dry five indicators in moisture absorption rate of traditional (GB/T21655.1-2008) basis, add to the wet resistance, air permeability test, the ability to characterize the fabric in the static condition breathable. Moisture resistance to water vapor permeability in human latent sweat state characterization of the fabric. Moisture resistance is greater, the water vapor permeability worse; detection method based on GB/T11048-2008

Air permeability is used to characterize the permeability of fabric. The greater the permeability is, the better the permeability; detection methods GB/T5453-1997.Porel breathable quick drying fabric to ensure good moisture absorption quick dry ability at the same time, permeability to moisture absorption speed is far superior to ordinary dry fabric, moisture resistance is much lower than that of Porel cotton fabric, breathable quick drying fabric permeability is better than the fabric quick drying moisture absorption, air permeability and far is better than cotton fabrics, can guarantee the wearer movement under the condition of alternate comfort.

Porel air drying product structure to 32S Hanbu, beads and cloth, weight of 120-180g/m2. products are mainly used in home leisure, outdoor sports under different environments close fitting underwear and t-shirts. Also according to the different needs of composite of other functions, such as cool finishing, anti ultraviolet finishing etc.. The spring and summer the human body static and dynamic exchange without dressing, wash and wear.