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Rieter Award 2014 – Seven Prize Winners Honoured

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10/15/2014 - Rieter Award 2014 – Seven Prize Winners Honoured

For the 26th time the Rieter headquarters in Winterthur (Switzerland) were the scene of the Rieter Award week. The seven Rieter Award winners 2014 travelled from three continents to participate in the Award week. Alongside the official appraisal of their student research projects, a trip through Switzerland with numerous highlights awaited the winners.

The seven Rieter Award winners in front of the Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge) during their city tour in Lucerne. Left to right: Mr. Rijal Fauzi (Indonesia), Mr. Nurislom Temirov (Uzbekistan), Ms. Mengyao Yue (China), Ms. Esin Sarioğlu (Turkey), Mr. Agmas Azmeraw (Ethiopia), Mr. Akshay Ajay Jakhotya (India) and Mr. Rizwan Bin Sarwar (Bangladesh).The Rieter Award winners 2014 with the Award Jury, the regional Rieter Sales Managers as well as members of the Rieter Management.Quality Made by Rieter – the winners during their tour of the Rieter production facility at the Winterthur headquarters.To kick off the Rieter Award week, the winners presented the results of their intensive research to the Rieter Award Jury. The student project work dealt with various technological, technical and economic aspects of the textile industry. Stimulating discussions between the students and the Rieter experts followed their interesting presentations. After successful presentations, the Award week started by discovering Switzerland and its culture – entirely reflecting the recognition of the performance which the students had achieved.

The winners saw the Rhine Falls, visited the Victorinox company, the Bühler spinning plant and experienced sweet moments in the Maestrani chocolate factory. The city of Lucerne and a visit to Lucerne's own local mountain, the Pilatus, was a further impressive highlight, especially as all the winners were visiting Switzerland for the first time.

The Ceremony
In a festive ceremony the Award recipients were admitted to the association of the Rieter Award winners. With the seven new winners the Rieter Award Club grew to a total of 157 members. Back home, the Award winners were presented at their universities with the prestigious Award trophy, a Swiss mountain crystal, and the Rieter Award certificate in the presence of their fellow students and Rieter representatives.

The Award Winners 2014 are:
Mr. Akshay Ajay Jakhotya, D.K.T.E. Society’s Textile & Engineering Institute, Maharashtra (India)
Mr. Agmas Azmeraw, Bahir Dar University, Bahir Dar (Ethiopia)
Mr. Nurislom Temirov, Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry, Tashkent (Uzbekistan)
Mr. Rijal Fauzi, Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Tekstil, Bandung (Indonesia)
Mr. Rizwan Bin Sarwar, Bangladesh University of Textiles, Dhaka (Bangladesh)
Ms. Esin Sarioğlu, Çukurova University, Adana (Turkey)
Ms. Mengyao Yue, Tianjin Polytechnic University, Tianjin (China)
The Rieter Award encourages Talented Youngsters
Since 1989, the Rieter Award has been bestowed annually on students and young professionals. With the prize Rieter encourages talented youngsters and thereby supports the universities and institutes in their efforts to win excellent students for a vocational training in the field of textiles. Selection of the Rieter Award winners is carried out globally. Students and young professionals who excell themselves by well-founded work and great commitment in the field of textile engineering are selected.

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