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Weekly News Update

Technical Textile China Conferences Informations on July 2024

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1.2024 National Filament Weaving Innovation Annual Meeting
Date:July 3-4,2024
Venue: New Century Grand Hotel Changxing Zhejiang

Organizer(s):China Filament Weaving Association

2.2024 (11th) Carbon Fiber Industry Development Conference
Date:July 3-5,2024
Venue: Langfang, Hebei Province
Organizer(s):China Chemical Information Center

The 10th International Intelligent Clothing and Apparel Industry Conference
Date: July 5-6, 2024
Venue: Shanghai
Organizer: Shenzhen Intelligent Apparel Industry Development Research Association

3.Spandex Industry "New Quality Productivity"  Forum
Date:July 11-12,2024
Venue: Luoyang Friendship Hotel,Henan Province
Organizer(s):China Chemical Fiber Association

4.China 2024 Domestic and Foreign Trade Integration Fair

Date:July 12-14,2024
Venue: Changsha Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center
Organizer(s):Department of Commerce Hunan Province

5.The World Conference on Carbon 2024
Date:July 14-19,2024
Venue: Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School

Organizer(s):Institute of Metal Research,Chinese Academy of Sciences

Nylon Textiles Innovation Seminar
Date: July 15-16, 2024
Venue: Fuzhou Yuntian International Hotel
Organizer: China Chemical Fiber Industry Association

6.The 6th China Hygiene and Maternal-Infant Products Summit Forum
Date:July 18,2024
Venue: Primus Hotel NECC Shanghai
Organizer(s): CNITA Hygiene and Maternal-Infant Branch

7.2024 Polypropylene Chapter Annual Meeting
Date:July 24-25,2024
Venue: Haining Pidu Jinjiang Hotel

Organizer(s): China Chemical Fiber Association

Date:July 25-28,2024
Venue: Urumqi, Xinjiang
Organizer(s):China Composite Materials Society,

9.China-South Asia Expo (Kunming Import&Export)
Date:July 23-28,2024
Venue: Kunming ,Yun'nam China
Organizer(s):Executive Committee of China-South Asia Expo

10.Qinghai Tibetan Carpet International Exhibition

Date:July 25-29,2024
Venue: Xining Qinghai
Organizer(s): Chinese Tibetan Carpet Association
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