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Twin rapiers loom for velvet and other pile fabric,space fabric production

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1,Machine type:YTR11
Velvet loom with twin rapiers for the production of velvet model 9000 and others related.
Working width :64" ,
Reeds:after discussed with customers

2,Dobby ,weaving frame and picks
3 positions dobby device with 8 ground frames ,4 pile frames,picks 1500m/min or 2*300/min

3,Running speed: 200rpm
(different speed in case of different raw material or pattern)

4,Warp beam surport(30"x21" ,please indicate if any other request)

5,Yarn let-off device
Electronic yarn let-off,  with selvedge jacquard write weaving 

6,Motion control
Machine control computer for the control of the basic function such as main drive,yarn feeding and 
fabric take-up.Operate interface:10" color touch panel for production data display.

7,Supply frequence&voltage,customer nominal voltage 380v,50 Hz(cycles),Should the different electrical 
data please indicate it when signing the agreement.
Rated power 7.5kw

8,Shipment/Packing:By Seaworthy Container,incl. Packing on pallets/crates.International standard 
fumigation mark should be obviously and clearly identified on the outside of the package.

9,Shipping advice
Within 1 week working days after the machines have been shipped,SELLER shall notify BUYER by fax of the 
PI number,name of machines,quantity,weight,total value,name of sailing date of the carrying vessel 
and port of destination. 
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