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Weekly News Update

ITM2022 Has Successfully Passed Above Our Expectations

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MTC Tufting Machinery Gerneral Manager Peter Kuang, who is among the important participants of the exhibition, stated that they are aware of the difiulties experienced in Turkey after the latest economic developments, but they believe that the sector and country, which they know the strength of,can overcome these dfficulties."We're on the all days ITM2022 and it's going pretty well. We are very happy to meet at ITM2022 after a long break,we know our customers here and we know the power of our competitors,MTC look forward to doing more business with Turkey. The pandemic is still affecting our production and activities around the world. Right now, the biggest problem for us and our customers is that the supply and deliverychain is not functioning properly."

MTC showcased new smart tufting parts. Smart Sampling System with this machine. This is a lot of news: 

1.Extremely fast sample (fastest 1 hour sample) Excellent customer experience can be confirmed by the bottom.Auxiliary design, color matching,yarn arrangement;

2.Support multi-color sampling customized as all-purpose carpet, fullfil small orders (30m2 around).

3.48 yarns speed&smart tufting system,full varity of gauages, multi-purpose with single 1/10"GG, double bar 8+4 and 6+6 sampling (other gauages per order),rapid carpets design validation.

4.Support LCL jacquard technology.

5.With shog cam to meet the purpose of sliding bar samples, support 1/10" and 6+6 multi-color function

6.MTC-W efficiency 5-10 times than single needle sample machine ,can 6-10 pieces 1m2 sample in 8 hours (the yarn full ready)

7.Does not occupy large machine resources

8.Yarn waste is minimal

9.One operator only,short yarn guide time,tufting time is fast,total cost is the lowest

How is 2023 going to MTC?Peter Said:"First of all, we all need to improve the technology we use. The main goal is efficient and easy handling,conserving energy, and producing high-quality products even from crude materials. We have to improve our machines to produce higher quality products.I can say it is going well. The order quotas in China Asia almost full. As I said, the crucial question is in the supply chain. Sometimes we are unable to provide our customers with a certain delivery date because some parts are not available to us. Due to the price increaseswe have experienced this 3 years, no one can predict what will happen in 2023."
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