Technical texile china industry fabric china nonwoven china composite china interlining china geotextile china 中国技术织物网,技术织物包括非织造布和产业用纺织品,国际上统称"Technical Textile",技术织物以新型材料的角色在各行各业有着广泛应用。比如大家已知的产业用布,玻璃钢,一次性医卫产品,碳纤维车,灯箱布,土工布,水刺非织造,针刺无纺,纺粘熔喷,衬布等.

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Recycled polyester
Most PET produces in the US and Europe have invested to provide chips with % of recycling content, and with acquisitions (downstream integration) of recyclers to guarantee availability of feedstock(bales)and knowledge of the process.
The changing nature and supply/demand balance of the feedstock,means a change from a global, commoditized and cost-oriented approach to a local, customized, cooperative and value-oriented scenario.
Mechanical and chemical recycling should complement each other. Increase collection rates, but also the quality of the material.
Collection rates in Europe and in the US would need to increase 20.40% to reach targets from bottling companies.
·Price of R-PET double the price of V-PET. Sustained period of lower oil prices will test the economics and commitments that are being maintained so far by bottling companies, but not for others.
。 In the short-medium term, tight market and high prices for bales flakes and RPET are expected in Europe and Us.
This is an industry that needs to be re-defined. We expect big and fast changes since a lot of effort,investments,R&D is currently focused on this. The different profile of the participants involved remains a challenge.

Trend to overcapacity in intermediates and PET,New era of low margins                         BE competitive
How to approach Chinese self-sufficiency                                                 BE smart
Market reorganization                                                                         BE in the market
Politics(trade barriers) will change trade flows ... and GDP                                 BE flexible
Chose your customers/suppliers ,Large integratedtextile/PET companies,Competition in textiles and PET.         BE reliable

Unplanned issues(Natural disasters,others)                                BE lucky
Image of plastics! How to approach Sustainability                      BE creative
The Circular Economy,Waste Management,                                     BE cooperative
Collection Systems, Recycling Technologies                            BE sustainable
RPETBIOCOTC.Carbon Emissions                                      BE innovative
Environmental Measures from refinery to final products
Where are you? Where  is the demand and cost advantage?                  Choose where to BE
Importance of logistics. Regional differences                                        BE global
Trend to integration(upstream-downstream)                                          BE"integrated"
What industrial clients-consumers want/need                                      BE value-oriented
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