Technical texile china industry fabric china nonwoven china composite china interlining china geotextile china 中国技术织物网,技术织物包括非织造布和产业用纺织品,国际上统称"Technical Textile",技术织物以新型材料的角色在各行各业有着广泛应用。比如大家已知的产业用布,玻璃钢,一次性医卫产品,碳纤维车,灯箱布,土工布,水刺非织造,针刺无纺,纺粘熔喷,衬布等.

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26 CTT Technical Textiles Holding Companies Information

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1.Shenda Stock SH 600626 1993

Automotive Interiors for Transportation: Carpet Assembly, Sound Insulation Pad, Shock Absorber, Rear Window Sill, Wheel Arch Lining, Trace Trim

2.Xinlong Holdings SZ 000955 1999 

Nonwovens spunlaced nonwovens, spunmelt nonwovens

3.Sinomatech SZ 002080 2006 

for filtration and separation of textile lithium battery diaphragm, high temperature filtration materials

4 Hongda Hi-Tech SZ 002144 2007 

vehicle textiles automotive interior fabrics

5 SZ 002201 2007 

Structural Reinforcement Textiles Glass Fiber Yarns, Fabrics and Products, Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Products

6 Kuanta Technology SZ002516 2010 

vehicles for textile automotive interior fabrics and accessories

7 New Lun Technology SZ002341 2010 

protective textile battery diaphragm material, protective mask

8 Shuangxiang SZ002395 2010 

synthetic leather for textile microfiber leather

9 Huafeng Microfiber SZ300180 2011 

Synthetic Leather Textile Sea Island Microfiber Nonwoven Base: Microfiber Leather

10 Tongda SZ300321 2011 

synthetic leather for textile island microfiber artificial leather

11 Pioneer New Material SZ300163 2011 

Sail Textile Polymer Composite Sunshade Fabric

12 Shongrong Medical SZ002551 2011 

medical and sanitary textiles spunlaced nonwovens and protective clothing for medical use

13 Tianjin Membrane Technology SH300334 2012 

Textile Ultrafiltration Membrane and Membrane Components for Filtration and Separation

14 Chinachem Technology SH603306 2014 Vehicle Textiles Airbag Cloths, Airbag Bags and Seatbelts

15 Tianhua Super Clean SZ300390 2014 

medical and sanitary textile anti-static products, medical protective clothing, isolation clothing, masks

16 Norbond SH603238 2017 

Nonwovens Spunlaced Nonwovens: Wiping material

17 Changshu Auto Decoration SH603035 2017 

Transportation vehicles for textile automotive interior accessories

18 Yanjiang shares in 2017 

nonwovens PE perforated film, 3D perforated non-woven fabric, hot air non-woven fabric, ADL diversion layer SZ300658

19 Kanglongda SH603665 2017 

safety protective textile labor protection gloves, anti-cutting gloves

20 Mu Gaodi SH603908 2017 

recreational textile tents, sleeping bags, self-filling MATS and other outdoor equipment

21 Zhende Medical SH603301 

Medical and sanitary textile medical nonwoven products, medical dressings 2018

22 Ogilvy Medical SZ002950 2019 

Medical and Hygiene Textiles Medical Nonwovens, Medical Dressings

23 health care SZ300888 2020 

medical and hygienic textile medical masks, medical protective clothing, cotton spunlace nonwoven fabric

24 Jinchun stock 2020 

nonwoven spunlaced nonwoven, hot wind nonwoven SZ300877

25 Haoyue Care SH605009 2020 

Hygienic Textiles Baby Diaper, Adult Diaper, Nursing Mat

26 Baiya stock SZ003006 2020 

sanitary textile sanitary napkins, baby diapers, adult diapers

1 申达股份 SH 600626  1993年  交通工具用纺织品  汽车内饰:地毯总成、隔音隔热垫、减震器、后窗台、轮拱内衬、行李箱饰件

2 欣龙控股 SZ 000955  1999年  非织造布  水刺非织造布、纺熔非织造布
3 中材科技 SZ 002080  2006年  过滤与分离用纺织品  锂电池隔膜、高温过滤材料
4 宏达高科 SZ 002144  2007年  交通工具用纺织品  汽车内饰面料
5  九鼎新材 SZ 002201  2007年  结构增强用纺织品  玻璃纤维纱、织物及制品、玻璃钢制品
6 旷达科技SZ002516  2010年  交通工具用纺织品  汽车内饰面料及饰件
7 新纶科技SZ002341  2010年  防护用纺织品  电池隔膜材料、防护口罩
8 双象股份SZ002395  2010年  合成革用纺织品  超纤革
9 华峰超纤SZ300180  2011年  合成革用纺织品  海岛型超纤非织造基布:超纤革
10  同大股份SZ300321  2011年  合成革用纺织品  海岛超纤人工革
11 先锋新材SZ300163  2011年  篷帆类纺织品  高分子复合遮阳面料
12 尚荣医疗SZ002551  2011年  医疗与卫生用纺织品  水刺非织造布以及医用防护服
13  津膜科技SH300334  2012年  过滤与分离用纺织品  超、微滤膜及膜组件
14 华懋科技SH603306  2014年  交通工具用纺织品  汽车安全气囊布、安全气囊袋以及安全带
15  天华超净SZ300390  2014年  医疗与卫生用纺织品  防静电产品、医用防护服、隔离衣、口罩
16  诺邦股份SH603238  2017年  非织造布  水刺非织造布:擦拭材料
17  常熟汽饰SH603035  2017年  交通工具用纺织品  汽车内饰件
18  延江股份  2017年  非织造布  PE打孔膜、3D打孔无纺布、热风无纺布、ADL导流层  SZ300658
19  康隆达SH603665  2017年  安全防护用纺织品  劳保手套、防割手套
20  牧高笛SH603908  2017年  文体休闲用纺织品  帐篷、睡袋、自充垫等户外装备
21  振德医疗SH603301  2018年  医疗与卫生用纺织品  医用非织造制品、医用敷料
22  奥美医疗SZ002950  2019年  医疗与卫生用纺织品  医用非织造制品、医用敷料
23  稳健医疗SZ300888  2020年  医疗与卫生用纺织品  医用口罩、医用防护服、全棉水刺非织造布
24  金春股份  2020年  非织造布  水刺非织造布、热风非织造布  SZ300877
25  豪悦护理SH605009  2020年  卫生用纺织品  婴儿尿裤、成人尿裤、护理垫

26  百亚股份SZ003006  2020年  卫生用纺织品  卫生巾、婴儿尿不湿、成人纸尿裤

Dec 12,2013 CTT News

On January 1, 2014 KARL MAYER will acquire the majority of the ownership of LIBA Maschinenfabrik GmbH, which in the future will be integrated into the KARL MAYER group.This family run company, which was founded in 1937 by Karl Mayer, has become the world’s number one in warp knitting technology, and owes this achievement to a string of remarkable successes.

For decades KARL MAYER and LIBA have been the leaders in the development, manufacturing and distribution of warp knitting machines and machines for the production of technical textiles.
Both involved parties are convinced that with the combined high level of technical knowledge of the two companies, the long term market leadership of German warp knitting machine manufacturing will be ensured. To utilize the joint strengths, measures will be taken immediately to work on a fast integration of the two companies. Until then the business activities on both sides will continue without changes, especially in regard to products and market coverage.
The president and owner of LIBA Maschinenfabrik GmbH, Karlheinz Liebrandt will continue to hold shares of the company. He will also keep his position as spokesperson of the company management. Marcus Kube is added to the management of the company from KARL MAYER‘s side. There is agreement with Karlheinz Liebrandt that the Naila operation will remain as a high technology location.

Karl Mayer supply famous technical textiles machines as Warp knitting machines with parallel and multiaxial weft insertion,Technical textiles with their various requirements according to application call for tailor-made solutions.Warp knitting machines with parallel and multiaxial weft insertion respectively and machines producing in different manners warpknits out of webs or are applied for bonding fed surfaces.

The products are extremely strong warp knits with high square measures as well as delicate, also stretchable textiles, grid structures and voluminous fabrics.Besides yarns out of continuous filaments or staple fibres, the typical yarns such as glass, carbon, aramid and wire are applied.Optimised driving elements State-of-the-art materials and complex detailed solutions enable highest machine speed with reduced operation noise and tear. In this way,a faster machine operation together with less noise and extended maintenance intervals.

Special economic features Innovative solutions in the drive technology, the reduction of attrition and the resulting inferior heat build-up are precious contributions as for the working expenses.Sustainable integration in the enterprise,the machines are easily operated by the modern touch-screen control. Furthermore, you can monitor and control them within the company network and exercise a remote diagnosis via the Teleservice.Solid and reliable,In spite of the various high-tech functions, machines remain a typical product: durable, reliable and a masterpiece in engineering.

High-tech knitting machine with several weft insertion systems for the production of multiaxial multiply and composite fabrics.
Multiaxial multiply fabrics are surface structures fixed via a stitch system consisting of one or several parallel and stretched yarn layers with different orientations. Fibrous webs, unbonded chopped glass strands, film tapes, foams or other materials can be integrated. Optimal conditions of weft insertion and layer fixation permit high production speeds along with excellent fabric uniformity.

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