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Weaving System

Full Automatic Double Rapier Loom(for wilton carpet)

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Harness ,comberboard, spring reverse motion
Hooking:    grouped harness
Cord material: 300 braided polyester
Number of frames:    10, marked by colours
Number of harness cords:    21080
Heddle length:    LH680mm
Heddle eye:    R328
Harness leveling:    at site by customer
Harness depth at comber board: max.140mm
Comber board:    vulcanized fibre
Spring board:    height adjustable fastening on machine
Harpoons:    with individual connections
Harness springs:    2,8N in bottom shed

Jacquard machines :   4x6720,21080hooks installed,Functional principle:    double lift Jacquard machine

Lifting knives driven via cam disks: 2 coaxial shafts and complementary cams

Elctronically controlled rotary dobby type 2688 
Pick finding:  electronically controlled
Ground weave structure:  freely selectable(approx .40woavesincL)
Number of harness frames :12 of 20mm pitch
Number of heddles: 6576
Heddle length:LH620
Heddle eye:6.5x2,5mm
Harness stroke max/min:70/150mm

Electronically controlled warp beam unit
Warp beam stand:single -tier    
for max.warp beam diameter :1250mm
Warp beam regulator:electronically controlled without movable parts
Warp beam bearing:70x70mm
Warp beam flanges:   1 stationary, 1 adjustable
Number of warp beams: 8 pieces of diameler 1250mm
Warp beam change: with QBC(Quick Beam Change System )

Reed Width:2800-5300mm (Reinforced Reed,Warp density:    688reed/m(344dents/m),Pile drawing-in width:    3064mm,Total reed width:    3175mm)

Weaving Speed:60-120RPM

Pile Height:8-10mm (for carpet)  10-60mm(glass fibre 3D fabric)起毛高度

Flexibly of construction by: three-positon module 绒纱开口 三位置电子提花机

经纱开口伺服电机驱动综框开口Maximum shed lift:    308mm

送经机械:伺服电机电子送经Driven by:    servo motors

卷取机构:伺服电机电子卷取Driven by:    servo motors

经密: 320/420   (支/米)
pattern colors: 6-8 colors

Bobbin creel
Bobbin creel:double -tier
Wings:  as necessary
Pitch:    155 x 155mm
for max.bobbin diameter: 105mm
Total number of spindles: 21200  pieces
Open weights:    2x50g+2x75g
Max. number of pile threads: 6720/8448/13440/16896

Width: 5000/4500/4000/4500  mm
Number of bobbins: 7200/8640/13440/17536
Bobbin per row:  30/36/56/56
Creel length: 8200/9900/15300/15300

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