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Performances of the hygiene or tissue nonwovens

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What are performances of the spunmelt nonwovens?

1 Evenness

Coefficient of uniformity with quantitative values of discrete "CV", reflect the distribution of fabric products (thick and thin) uneven situation, the CV value, the greater the worse the quality of the product. Generally, the greater the quantitative value of products, the smaller the CV value. CV value of unit is the "%". Quantitative, defined as product amount of weight (mass), per unit area of China legal unit of measurement for the "g/m2" or "gsm".

2 strength
The maximum force required to pull out the product is N (" Newton "-" ox ") when the product is tested for strength (tensile). The stronger the strength, the better the quality of the product. The strength of the product is related to the product's quantitative size (the larger the quantity is, the stronger the force is), and the force direction of the product. The direction of the product is generally divided into the running direction of the production line (MD) and the horizontal (the vertical direction of the production line and the CD). As the production line adopts different network mode, the general product has anisotropy phenomenon. If the product that USES longitudinal spread network, its MD direction strength is bigger, the MD of some product line is strong can be CD strength twice, even more. The same product has different strength in different directions. In the practical application, it is hoped that the vertical and horizontal force are close to each other, so that the product can be represented as isotropic.

3 breaking elongation

Breaking elongation refers to the ratio of the elongation part of the product to the original length of the sample, and the unit of breaking elongation is %. When the quality of the product is good and the fiber is fully drawn, its breaking elongation is less than 100%. The breaking elongation of the melt nonwovens is smaller, generally less than 50%. Due to the different strength of the product in two directions, the fracture elongation of MD and CD is different. In most applications, breaking elongation should be as small as possible, and it is expected to be as same as possible in different directions.

4 permeability

Permeability is spunmelt hygiene or medical nonwovens reflect product a hydrophilic ability index, said liquid through product (fast, slow), the ability of permeability also points a permeability and permeability two more times. The usual time seconds (S) indicate that the shorter the better.

5 Hydrostatic Pressure (HSH)

In hygiene materials, hydrostatic pressure is an indicator that reflects the barrier ability of products, indicating the ability of the product to withstand certain pressure (hydrostatic pressure). The measuring unit is "mm water column" or "cm water column", and sometimes Pa (Pa) is used to indicate that the larger the value the better it is. For the normal 15g/m2 hygiene nonwoven fabric, the static water pressure is required to be about 150mm water column. With the same type of product, the higher the quantity, the higher the hydrostatic pressure.

6 permeability

Air permeability is an indicator of nonwoven fabric used as air filter material. It reflects the capacity of both sides of the product to pass through the air under the conditions of the specified pressure difference, and the common units are: mm/s, L/m2s, cm3/cm2s,m3/m2min,m3/m2. H, etc. The larger the air permeability is, the easier it is to pass through nonwoven fabric.

7 Antistatic property

The antistatic property is the index of the dissipative electrostatic ability of the spunbond nonwovens. The better the antistatic performance, the more the static electricity is not easy to accumulate in the product, the product use safety is also higher. Antistatic properties commonly used surface volume resistance, said its unit for ohm (Ω). The smaller the surface resistance, the better the antistatic performance. In some cases, the electrostatic half-life (S) or surface charge is used to indicate the antistatic performance of the product. The shorter the half-life, or the less surface charge, the better the antistatic performance.
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