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China expand railway network, Bolwell Corporation Thailand

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Australian-owned and managed Bolwell Corporation has announced its factory in Thailand opening in 2014. Located in the heartland of the South East Asian automotive hub in Rayong, Bolwell management believes the move will better position the company to be even more cost-competitive in a growing global market. The 2624-square-meter Australian-managed factory is ISO9001 certified and operates under the automotive product development system, Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP). Additionally, the facility provides hi-tech component assembly to a range of local and international customers. “We already have many global customers for our fiberglass and advanced composites products, including CAT, IVECO, Kenworth and Schneider Electric” said Paul Lyons, Bolwell’s CEO. “By having this new,sophisticated manufacturing presence in Thailand, we will be able to better serve our customers in a variety of ways.Thailand is home to many of the automotive manufacturers for whom we can supply components,” said Paul. “Cars, trucks, buses, military vehicles and boats are all being manufactured in Thailand, and having our manufacturing facility there will allow Bolwell to manage the end to end supply chain process even more efficiently.”As well as providing components to the local automotive and manufacturing industries, Paul says that its South East Asian presence will streamline the shipping of end products and components to customers all over the world, particularly to the United States and Europe.“This is a very exciting growth phase for Bolwell, for design engineers and production planners in particular, knowing that they can rely on Bolwell to design products, refine concepts, and then manage the entire supply chain is a real benefit.”Bolwell Corporation is an Australian-based company known for its expertise in fiberglass and advanced composites design and manufacture. The company’s capabilities encompass applications in the ballistics, electronics, architectural fittings and transport industries, including bus and truck hoods and roof panels, boat decks and fire retardant tanks.The company sees itself as a product commercialization ally – one that truly understands business. In fact, the company’s founder, Campbell Bolwell, is a published author on successful product design, and has instructed engineering and design chiefs on the practical transformation of design ideas into commercialized products.

China, the world's second larges economy, has planned to expand its railway network to 150,000 kilometers that includes enhancement of 30,000 kilometers high-speed trains from the current 19,000 kilometers, which is the world's longest.The fastest Communication and the latest transportation is central to China's economic development plans so the country's is forming one-hour economic circle along its eastern coastal line, which are models of  high income industrial and economic zones.Under the new policy of urbanization, China wants to create more metropolitan areas to drive up domestic economic growth from Guangdong in the South to Shanghai in the East and Beijing in the North. And all these areas will be integrated with High-speed railways to add new fuel to the cooling economy.In 2015, China invested a sum of 820 billion Yuan into the building of 9,000 kilometers of railways in the country whose policy makers emphasize investing more on infrastructure development for the long term economic growth."The economy is cooling. The construction of high-speed railways meets people's demand for travel, and the country's demand for growth. It also boosts investment into other related industries," said Ji Jialun, China Academy of Railway Sciences.In the next five years, China is set to invest 3.5 trillion Yuan into the railway sector, with 30,000 kilometers planned.From January to August, 1.72 billion journeys were made on the rail network of China."In 2014, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway transported more than 100 million people, with more than 250 trains running every day," Cai Qinghua, former chairman of Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway Corp, says.According to China Railway Corp, 6,284 passenger train services now run every day nationwide, with more than 60 percent of them high-speed.In the next decade, China plans to link Asia with Europe and Africa through sophisticated High-Speed Railway under the One Road One Belt Initiative that aims to revive the spirit of ancient Silk Road for boosting cultural and trade ties.
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