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Technical Fibre Products (TFP)

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2014-9-10 News from United Kingdom by TT.NET 

Nonwovens fabric producer Technical Fibre Products (TFP) is doubling capacity by adding a third wet-laid technology line, which will have the capability to produce fabrics of over two meters in width.According to TFP, this significant financial investment comes in response to increasing demand for its nonwovens products across all markets.

TFP said, the new line will be proprietary wet-laid technology, currently used on its existing machines, to ensure the continued guarantee of the highest quality nonwovens and a key modification will be an increase in production width to over two metres.The unique design of the process will enable TFP to manufacture nonwovens with an exceptional uniformity of fibre dispersion in weights from 2 g/m² to 3500 g/m².It will also be able to process from a wide range of fibres like carbon, aramid, glass, polyester, thermoplastic and metal coated carbons, as well as more speciality fibres such as quartz, silicon carbide and pure metals.This fibre range and their associated properties will enable TFP nonwovens to be used in a variety of applications across industries ranging from aerospace and defence to automotive, energy, industrial, construction and healthcare.Applications will include; delivering a high quality & functional surface finish in composites, providing high temperature thermal insulation & passive fire protection, as well as offering solutions for cryogenic storage & power generation.

Martin Thompson, MD at TFP said, "The installation of the new line is expected to be complete in summer 2015 and represents the latest step in an accelerated programme of capacity and capability improvements for the company.“This includes the installation of a state of the art nano-coating line at TFP's US manufacturing facility and the commissioning of a high specification flat bed laminator to enable in-house material conversion.“The third nonwoven machine will provide a stepwise increase in capacity to support sales growth and provide the opportunity to access new markets for which current production constraints have been a limitation."

2014-5-17 CTT News

By the end of December 2013, China has total 1073 spunbond nonwoven lines, year-on-year increase of 62 lines. inside 950 PP lines; 67 PET lines; 56 online composite SMS lines; In 2013, there are 107 continuous meltblown nonwovens production lines, 15 more than the previous year. Real output growth rebounded in 2013, Chinese spunbond fabric actual output growth of 14.97%, the figure is 25% from 2010 began to decline in three years in a row to 7% in the mid 2012 after a rally for the first time. Melt-blown production growth is fast, in 2013, melt-blown nonwovens production is over since 2009 in the face of the situation, a significant rise, production capacity and output capacity of 65000 tons, an increase of 12.84% over the previous year, the actual output reached 39000 tons, a record high, up by 42.24% over the previous year.
Actual output picks up the reasons:
1)heating up of health supplies consumption to increase market demand for sanitary materials, foreign companies to build a factory in China with new multimode big capacity production line production, domestic similar equipment are installed and put into production, combined with domestic SMS equipment increases rapidly. In 2013, the running SMS production line has reached 56, actual output is increased by 50.21% last year.

2)the required SS, SSS become a market investment hot spots, is now running double amounted to more than 60 lines of 2S, 3S productions, it will output growth;

3)PET filament spinning viscous bitumen tire equipment base fabric on multiple lines, promoted the product capacity. The launch of 2013 the new equipment has more than 10 lines, the PET production reached 147579 tons in 2013, an increase of 34.41% over the previous year.

The report of 2013 the industry spun&meltblown nonwovens total production capacity of 2.81 million tons of this network, a 10.82% increase from the previous year. The total real output reached 1.91 million tons, upside 15.42% over the previous year.Industry capacity utilization has improved, in 2013 Chinese spunbond nonwoven fabric,and 68.28% of the actual production capacity increased by 2.49% over the previous year, in 2013 there are 37 manufacturers industry actual output more than 10000 Tons,accounting for 41.3% of the whole spunbond enterprise production. The 23 manufacturers from 10000 tons to 20000 tons ,7 manufacturers more than 20000 tons ,7 too more than 30000 tons of enterprises;Actual the top 10 manufacturers are as following:

PGI 67000 tons, Toray Nantong 53000 tons, Zhejiang Huahao  51000 tons, Guangdong Junfu(Shandong plant) 45000 tons,Fujian Xingtai 33400 tons,Hubei Jinlong 30000 tons, Guangzhou Jinsheng 30000 tons, Guangdong Wonderful 28040 tons,Hengtian Jiahua 27500 tons,Yiwu Guanghong 25000 tons.2013年全行业实际产量达万吨以上的企业有37家,占整个纺粘企业产量的41.3%。其中1万吨至2万吨的企业有23家,超过2万吨的企业有7家,超过3万吨的企业有7家;实际产量排名前十的企业是:PGI南海南新无纺布有限公司/普杰无纺布(中国)有限公司(67000吨)、东丽高新聚化(南通)有限公司(53000吨)、浙江华昊化纤塑业有限公司(51000吨)、广东俊富集团有限公司(山东)(45000吨)、晋江兴泰无纺制品有限公司(33400吨)、湖北金龙非织造布有限公司(30000吨)、广州锦盛无纺布有限公司(30000吨)、佛山市南海稳德福无纺布有限公司(28040吨)、仙桃市恒天嘉华无纺材料有限公司(27500吨)、义乌市广鸿无纺布有限公司(25000吨)。

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