Technical texile china industry fabric china nonwoven china composite china interlining china geotextile china 中国技术织物网,技术织物包括非织造布和产业用纺织品,国际上统称"Technical Textile",技术织物以新型材料的角色在各行各业有着广泛应用。比如大家已知的产业用布,玻璃钢,一次性医卫产品,碳纤维车,灯箱布,土工布,水刺非织造,针刺无纺,纺粘熔喷,衬布等.

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Weaving System

Double rapier weaving loom for velvet and carpet as well as towels production

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When we speak of home textile, this can mean upholstery like seat covering and curtains, but automotive,garment velvet, shadow velvet, velvet with reflect warp,... also belong to this category.

Velvet Loom for weaving plain or geometrically designed velvet for upholstery, curtains, car and bus seat covering, chiffon velvet, long pile and woven fur, technical fabrics,... It has been developed to produce velvet fabrics in a width of 3 meter, offering huge flexibility to our customers.Velvet Innovator with jacquard is equipped with a separated servo drive for unlimited jacquard capacity. It is for weaving Italian velvet or free design velvet, upholstery, automotive velvet, curtains and dress velvet, shadow velvet or upholstery with reflect warp. Light carpets and prayer rugs can be produced in a width of 3 meter.The ground warp yarns can be on dobby frames, but the highest flexibility is reached when the ground warp yarns are going through the harness, of which the movement is controlled by the jacquard. In this execution ground warp designs can be made next to the conventional designs. Additional effects can be created by the implementation of our weft selector which can quickly change between up to 2 x 4 different wefts. The weft selector is driven by compact stepper motors.

The Loop-pile Carpet Loom(Witon) is a double rapier weaving machine, single face carpet weaving machine for short softloops, long softloops, flatweave effects and the possibility to weave sisal look. It is suitable for both wall to wall qualities and rugs. It exists in 3, 4 as well as 5 meter width. The machine is built in dobby frame or jacquard execution, depending on the number of colours that is used.Loop pile carpet weaving loom is the parallellogram reed beat-up ensures reduced shed motions and loops standing upright,The fork type lancet holder offers space to the pile yarns, which increases efficiency and reduces the incorporation of the yarns.Wilton loom is also for cut pile carpet based on customers.

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