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Vandewiele MTC Schönherr the top 3 carpet manufacturers in the world

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VandeWiele continues its development in cut-loop carpets in reed 500 d/m with 8 colours on the Universal Cut Loop Innovator UCi03. The UCi03 is the most versatile weaving machine which combines face-to-face cut pile, short loops, long loops and flat weave. Filling effects, up to 2x3 fillings are possible.The introduction of servo drive technology has been implemented in the new generation of tapestry and velvet looms. Tapestry carpets with jacquard flat weave in combination with cut pile are woven in open harness on the Tapestry Rug Innovator TRi02. With two independent servo driven jacquard machines, any pile or ground effect can be woven on any position. In combination with a filling selector, it is possible to weave really fine and colourful products. A new development is the use of loops in between the cut pile zones to get a crystal sharp colour change.With the handlook carpets, the excellence in design fineness will be shown in reed 1000 d/m. Unique and amazing handlook carpets in 10 colours and reed 1000 d/m are presented for the first time.The Handlook Carpet Innovator HCi X2 can weave carpets up to 2.800.000 points/m2. Different piles as acrylic, polyester, viscose, bamboo or wool are possible. Perfect pile fixation, clear backside,natural fringes by warp or filling, carpet easy to fold ,it is a perfect look-a-like handmade carpet. The HCi X2 is a three rapier machine, inserting each machine cycle three fillings and at the end of the day,giving 50% more carpets compared to a two rapier machine. Depending of the reed density, the Handlook Carpet Innovator HCi X2 is available in up to 20 colours.For more information on woven and tufted carpets, other carpet qualities such as kilim and shadow carpets, extrusion lines, … 

Vandewiele Award for Öz Kaplan Carpet
Mr. Zeynel Abidin Kaplan was rewarded with the Vandewiele Award as for the first installation of a Vandewiele BXe yarn extrusion installation at Öz Kaplan Carpet plant in Gaziantep (Turkey).Mr. Charles Beauduin, CEO of Vandewiele, congratulates Mr. Kaplan with this world première. Van de Wiele – Van de Wiele Extrusion – Cobble – Bonas – IRO/ROJ – JTS – Superba – Titan - Protechna.

Vandewiele Handlook Carpet Innovator HCi X2,Weaves carpets with a hand-knotted look backside
◾The New HandLook Carpet Innovator HCi X2 weaves high quality carpets with a hand-knotted back.
◾The patented HCi X2 Hand-Look weave structure is woven with 3 rapiers resulting in 50% more production in compares to 2-schot bindings.
◾No ground warps showing through the back results in the hand-knotted look and a perfect pile fixation, with only outside picks.
◾Hand look carpets are woven in reeds of 240d/m - 300d/m - 350d/m - 500d/m - 700d/m - 1000 dents/m upto 10 colors.
◾Stationary incorporated pile yarns results in higher weaving efficiency.
◾Crystal sharp designs showing on front and back, as 1 pile row per design-row are woven with hidden ground warp ends.
◾Special robust jacquard X2 with enhanced setting possibilities.
◾Smart Frames for the ground heddle frames.

PYF plain yarn feed

Cobble Van de Wiele offers an unrivalled combination of machine features in the tufting market dedicated to the needs of the customer to tuft plain cut or loop carpet. The all cast framing provides a reliable basis for high speed operation. The rigid structure is reinforced by bedplate cross members, minimizing vibration during the tufting. The bedplate stiffness permits the use of a single, open centre leg so that gauge part access is not impaired.
The user-friendly servo sliding needlebar option provides the customer a flexible way to change sliding needlebar patterns and application of precision stitch placement. The machines are equipped with MLC Modular Loom Control, a standardised in-house developed and manufactured electronic platform using integrated modules and quad drive systems for superior machine control and reduced cabling. The energy bus system prevents carpet quality defects and machine damage due to power disruption. On top of that, the energy bus efficiently interchanges electrical energy, keeping power consumption to an absolute minimum.
The loom is also equipped with Automated Carpet quality control by ProTechna, allowing for visual error detection through a high definition camera.

Schönherr carpet systems

Schönherr carpet systems develops and produces high-quality double carpet rapier weaving machines. Rooted in tradition and based on more than 150 years of experience in product development, this Stäubli business unit is committed to offering highly flexible carpet weaving machinery incorporating state-of-the-art technology. Delivering the proven ALPHA series of machines around the world, Schönherr carpet systems is renowned as the supplier of the most flexible carpet weaving machines available.

“Myriad” means countless or extremely great in number. The Myriad attachment offers unlimited design flexibility with full pattern repeat definition by the use of compact servomotor yarn control. Each yarn is controlled through the IPD Individual Pile Delivery system to achieve an unlimited number of pile heights, creating patterns by which the design is made.
The Myriad attachment is composed of compact modules with integrated electronics, each controlling 8 yarn ends. All modules are connected to a water-cooled circuit through an easy "click and connect" system. This water-cooled circuit is especially designed for efficient cooling and reduced power consumption: individual water cooling of the modules allows for the use of smaller, more energy efficient servomotors which can be kept at a constant temperature, independent of ambient conditions. These servomotors are completely sealed off to prevent dust from entering. The Vandewiele servomotor technology allows for precise machine control at high speed.

The pattern attachment called "Myriad", where each pile yarn is controlled by a separate servomotor, is explained in this 3-minute video from the VDW Academy :
00:47 Loop pile tufting principle explained: the looper picks up the pile yarn that is stitched through the backing cloth by the needle
01:19 The Myriad attachment with compact water-cooled servomotor modules. This pattern attachment can be built up on both sides of the machine, providing easy access to the yarns coming from the creel
01:53 Designs are transformed into a tufted carpet by the use of our in-house developed TuftLink software
02:59 Centralized Energy Bus, reducing energy consumption and allowing the machine to come to a controlled standstill during power disruption
03:20 For increased user-friendliness a new human machine interface or HMI was developed with 3  touch screen controlled main screens: Home, Explorer and Settings
03:33 ProTechna quality control

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