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Weaving System

Double Rapier jacquard loom for carpet and rugs production

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YTR12-2000 Double Rapier jacquard loom

Supply Scope:1 main machine housing, 1 jacquard machine, 1 dobby machine, 1 set of electric cabinet, 6 pieces of heald frame, 4 warp beams and 4 fabric winding rollers, 1 set of pile yarns creel.

Capacity: Wall to Wall ,More than 400pcs/day
Speed 180rpm(for Acrylic yarns 120rpm)
number of frames(color) 6
Weaving width 2170mm,4 heald Frames,Max shed lift 308mm,servo motor,liquid cooling
pile drawing-in width 2064
7.5/cm Reeds ,overall reed width 3175
jacquard 3072 needles,Manual only with order confirmation,Bonas jacquard double side conjugate CAM, stable operation, accurate. Angle of rest: the loom has longer insertion time, reduces the friction between the blade head and the warp, and helps to insert the weft. Top china brand execution with micro hooks selector Max.31104 threads. On the machine frame, large hooks number jacquard machine is directly installed on the loom, the execution angle is smaller, increase the service life, the jacquard height is lower, the vibration is smaller, the operation is more stable.
number of pile threads 10540(4x3360 hooks installed)
pile rows density/weft thread density 50-75d/m,multi weft selector 3+3 with stop motion 2x8bobbins
(2wefts/3turns weave structure freely,programable,based on binding ,drop wire→warp stop+pile stop)
Single-tier warp beam stand with 4 warp beams(ground beam) 4xØ800mm 
electronic selvedge device,edge yarn independent wringing,exhausting device
pile height display,loom Manage software
slay beat-up,parallel movement
cutting unit,cut/grind intervals,belt driven

综框4片,Frames钢筘7.5/cm,Reeds提花3072针,harmness经轴(底丝)2xØ800mm  纬纱 2个储纬器   车速 180rpm  边纱 独立绞边


Autoneum欧拓 has acquired a 25 percent stake in a joint venture with its long-time partner and Japanese supplier Nihon Tokushu Toryo (Nittoku) and Chinese supplier TGPM Automotive Industry Group (TGPM) in the emerging market of China.

In the future, innovative components for acoustic and thermal management will be produced for Japanese automobile manufacturers in the company's existing plant in Wuhan.

China is already the world's largest automotive market with around 20 million light vehicles produced annually, and it is one of the most important emerging markets of the automotive industry with an expected increase to over 27 million light vehicles in 2017.

To be able to make the most of this potential, Autoneum has acquired a 25 percent stake in an existing joint venture of its long-standing partner Nittoku. Wuhan Nittoku Autoneum Sound-Proof, the joint venture now operated by Nittoku, Autoneum and their Chinese partner TGPM, has maintained a production site in Wuhan, Hubei province, for supplying Japanese automobile manufacturers since 2011.

In light of the demand of the automobile manufacturers active in the region, there is an opportunity to supply non-Japanese suppliers with components for acoustic and thermal management in the future as well. Around 200 employees produce dampers, inner dashes, hoodliners, outer dashes, and more at the Wuhan plant. Due to the high production volumes, an expansion of the 7 500 square meter production area is planned for 2014.

"This stake enables us to expand our existing production capacity in China and thus strengthen our position as the global market leader for acoustic and thermal management solutions for vehicles. In light of the strong demand from our customers, we see significant opportunities for a further increase in our market share in the emerging market of China", Autoneum CEO Martin Hirzel pointed out on the occasion of the contract signing.

Wuhan is one of China's most important automotive clusters and the domicile of European, American and Japanese automobile manufacturers and their suppliers. In addition to three wholly owned plants in Chongqing (since 2006), Taicang (2010) and Shenyang (2011), Autoneum operates production sites in Guangzhou (2003) and Tianjin (2004) together with Nittoku in China.

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