Technical texile china industry fabric china nonwoven china composite china interlining china geotextile china 中国技术织物网,技术织物包括非织造布和产业用纺织品,国际上统称"Technical Textile",技术织物以新型材料的角色在各行各业有着广泛应用。比如大家已知的产业用布,玻璃钢,一次性医卫产品,碳纤维车,灯箱布,土工布,水刺非织造,针刺无纺,纺粘熔喷,衬布等.

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Weaving System

Composites Industrial Weaving Looms in China

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1.Tape Weaving Machine
Weaving of ribbon type materials like fixed and impregnated tapes,mono axially stretched films etc. Productionof very low area weight fabrics for flat biaxial surface structure with lowest und ulti on used for design applications and reinforcement structures .

Tape Production:For the production of stabilized or consolidated tape materials as well as monoaxial textile surfaces we offers various component solutions.From calendering of different materials offered, powder coating up to extrusion coating or coating in a foulard-the possibilities are manifold.
Material & Binder Content:  
Carbon fiber+Co-Polyamide  8.00by weight-%  13.00Vol.-%
Glass fiber+Co-Polyamide   4.00by weight -% 9.00Vol.-%
Aramid fiber+Co-Polyamide  6.00by weight-% 8.50Vol.-%
Natural fiber+Co-Polyamide  11.00by weight-% 14.50Vol.-%
The weaving loom Technical Data
·Low surface area weight of the semi- finished textiles Nominal width :2,100mm
Reeded width:950 to 1800mm
·Low fiber undulation
Speed : Max.50picks/min.
·High fiber orientation
·Material mix for the creation of hybrid structures Weave: Plain weave1/ 1 ,Twill 2/2and1/ 3
·Twist free weft handling
Weft: 8-25mm, 2 colors
Warp: 8-25mm, more on request

1.1 Tape Production Line to Your additional value
The tape production unit of Composite Systems allows the efficient manufacturing of high qualit reinforced tapes.These tapes can either be stablied wth binder material or fully impregnated with thermoplastic matrix.The production of tapes for application in thermoset and thermoplastic composites is possible.Technical data as following:
·High flexibility regarding fiber material
Working width:Up to 600 mm
·Precise definition of tape width and thickness 
Production speed:Up to 50m/min.
·Very reliable process
Fiber materials:Carbon-, glass-, aramid-, high performance polymer-and natural fibers
·High spreading ratio and quality
·High productivity
Matrix materials:Extrusion of thermoplastic materials, max.300℃(330℃optional)
Binder application:Polymer binder    (powder, hot melt, suspension)

2. 3D Weaving Machine
It is full 3D weaving technology ,complex 3D woven textiles for composite reinforcements can be realized .The 3D weaving machine features digital programming of the weaving pattern , flexible shed geometry and“free -flight" rapier movement .
Technical data Your additional value
·High flexibility regarding weaving pattern and fiber material
Reeded width:420 to 1300 mm
·Mono rapier“free - flight"for low filamentation 
Speed Max.200 picks/min.
·High reproducibility
Weft: 8  colors
·Complex fiber architectures
Warp: Creel with recovery mode
·Reinforcement fibers in X-,Y- and Z-direction 
Take -up: Horizontal take -off  with linear movement
·Realization of near net shape preforms
·High performance multi layer structures
Jacquard machine :Staubli UNIVAL100 with 2112 hooks or Chinese to brand 
·Horizontal take -off for high product quality

3.  Carbon Weaving Machine
For the production of high performance reinforcement fabrics the carbon rapier weaving machine represents the current state of the art. The machine combines an outstanding product quality with a high level of productivity and flexibility as well as low waste.  

Technical data Your additional value
Nominal width : 150-280 cm
·Superior product quality
·Realization of hybrid and multi-material structures 
Reeded width: 1450 - 2715 mm
Speed :    Max.350 picks/min.
·Two color waste saving device
·Material mix for the creation of hybrid structures 
Weave: Plain ,twill,satin
·All rollers having thread contact are satin chrome - plated 
Number of weft colors:2-4 colors
·Weaving from creel or warp beam
Fiber material : Aramid / ceramic,Glass(up to 2400 tex), Basalt(up to 2400 tex),Carbon (1k-48k)
·Low twist feeder unit

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