Technical texile china industry fabric china nonwoven china composite china interlining china geotextile china 中国技术织物网,技术织物包括非织造布和产业用纺织品,国际上统称"Technical Textile",技术织物以新型材料的角色在各行各业有着广泛应用。比如大家已知的产业用布,玻璃钢,一次性医卫产品,碳纤维车,灯箱布,土工布,水刺非织造,针刺无纺,纺粘熔喷,衬布等.

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CTT industry is in good shape

Chinatechtex technical textiles including all kinds of industrial fabrics and nonwovens consumption in 2000-2006 average upside 18%, The demand of CTT is expected to 30 million tons in 2013. Nonwovens in China consumption growth rate of 31% is absolutely possible .


Graphene is found the most thin material in the world, worldwide in solar cells, sensor, nanoelectronics, electronics, composites, emission materials, gas sensors and energy storage, at present in China cities as Ningbo, Changzhou, Tangshan already had some graphene production and construction projects,they are Morsh Ningbo,Tanyuantech and Jianhua Group.Changzhou Tanyuantech focus on electronic products of heat dissipation overall solution support.


Despite the Chinese textile industry showing slow growth rate due to weak recovery in major economies abroad, the technical textiles segment turned out to be the fastest growing in 2013, mainly because of the policy support for the use of technical textiles in national infrastructure building, environmental management, health care and other sectors.
The Textiles Industry data from the National Bureau of Statistics shows that from January to August 2013, the growth rate of technical textiles was 13.7
percent, about 4.5 percent higher than the growth rate of the entire textile industry.
However, the profit margin of technical textiles segment was only marginally higher at 4.7 percent than the textile industry average of 4.6 percent.From January to August 2013, the total exports of all types of technical textiles were valued at US$ 12.86 billion, up 5.1 percent year-on-year.
During the eight-month period, the industry invested 26.92 billion yuan in fixed assets, up 18.55 percent year-on-year, which includes investment for 447
new projects, an increase of 14.91 percent year-on-year.
At present, CTT industry is in good shape, but because the industry started late there is still a gap compared with the
developed countries.
The 12th Five Year Plan clearly lays stress on strengthening the technical textiles industry research, and improving technological progress and
Enterprises need to increase innovation and constantly overcome technical bottlenecks for improving product quality and production efficiency in order to
ensure future growth of the industrial textiles industry.
In future, technical textiles sector in China is likely to show healthy, green and rapid development.